We offer you many ways to bring your collection to Warehouse Comics, Cards, Toys and Gaming.



Sell your collection

We offer a FAIR PRICE.  We believe we can offer you more than anyone else in the country for your comics, sports cards, gaming cards, memorabilia (sports, star wars, star trek, movie etc).  We are well funded and travel the country looking for great collections.

We are professionals, we verify authenticity, ownership and determine value.  If we want your items WE WILL PAY YOU MORE than others.

Trade your item

We have something you want, you have something we want.  Let’s make a deal.


Consign your item or collection

When you want absolutely the most you can get for your item or collection and you can take time getting it – CONSIGNMENT is the ideal way to accomplish your goal. Our professionals will discuss with you the value and possible venues to sell your item or collection. We charge 20% of the net proceeds for doing the work. Exceptionally valuable items are negotiable.


Contact us

We are happy to discuss multiple options with you.  We can make arrangements to visit you or for you to visit us.  Our 12,000 sq ft WAREHOUSE of collectibles is an amazing place to visit. Send us an email at or call us at 574-287-3485.