We were founded by comic book people.  We are professional comic book buyers, not just sellers.  You will be hard pressed to find anyone with more knowledge of the comic industry.  When you bring a collection to us for consideration, we will review the collection and let you know what you can expect to receive.  We believe that it is of critical importance that we pay a fair price.

It’s our primary objective to provide customers a truly unique comic shopping experience. We literally spent years planning this store. We PROMISE that it will be worth your time.




Decor and Display

We have the most amazing comic book shop in the world.  Rows and rows of back issues. A complete room full of graded CGC and CBCS comics.  Toys and statues are everywhere. 

We Buy Comics

We are one of the largest buyers of comic books in the United States.  We can purchase your collection regardless of size and value.  We will pay you what your books are worth. Whether you are selling 1 or 100,000 books we are interested. See our We Buy Comics page for complete details.

Pull List

We also have a large selection of NEW COMICS, and we offer DEEP DISCOUNTS on pull lists.  See our Pull List Page for complete details.

Customer Testimonials


Steve Vidalgo
Comic Buyer

“This place is incredible, I swear I spent 3 hours here, it’s like a mini comic convention.”


Joyce Martel
Comic Seller

“I had no idea what my Dad’s collection of 1948 – 2010 comic books were worth, these guys treated me better and gave me more money than anybody else I talked too.”


Jack Simmons
Pull List Customer

“I buy 20 books a week on average, I thought somebody online gave me a good deal – found out once shipping was added it wasn’t so great – I came here and they treated me RIGHT.”


Lindsey Hamilton

“We came to Warehouse with no idea of what we needed to make our kid happy, the people here made it happen”